Few words, general information

Meganisi is an island between Lefkada and Etoloakarnania. It is the largest island of the Prigiponisia Islands complex in Lefkada, that’s why it is called so. It has an area of 22,356 sq. km. and a population of 914 inhabitants according to the 2021 census. Meganisi also belongs to the wider complex of Tilevoides Islands.

Meganisi also belongs to the wider complex of Tilevoides Islands. In ancient times and specifically in the time of Strabo, Meganisi was called Tafos or Tafias and belonged to the so-called Tafioi Islands, along with the other islands between Acarnania and Lefkada, such as Kalamos (formerly Karnos), Kastos, Atokos and Arkoudi.

During the Bronze Age, it was the centre of Tilevoes pirates, who were also called Tafioi by the ancient name of Meganisi and had dominated the surrounding sea. With the decline of the Tilevoes pirates, Meganisi followed the historical course of Lefkada until today. According to the urban legend, the Papanikolis Submarine had its secret base in a sea cave in Meganisi during the Greek-Italian war. This cave is still open to the public.


During your stay on the island you can rent a boat, a car or a bicycle. As for some of the organised beaches, there is the opportunity of renting a canoe.

Meganisi is also suitable for hiking enthusiasts as its streets and paths are in nature, so that you can enjoy the colours, the sounds and the wonderful smells of nature.


By plane to Aktio and from there 20 minutes by car to Lefkada. From Nidri of Lefkada you can board on a ferry boat to Meganisi, which is only 4 nautical miles far. The ferry boats depart for our island at regular intervals. The journey, which lasts 25 minutes, is enchanting as the visitors have the opportunity to admire a lot of small islands scattered around Meganisi. Among them Madouri with the old mansion of Valaoritis and Scorpios, property of the Russian tycoon Dmitry Rybolovlev, who bought it from the Onassis family.

By car from any part of Greece to the city of Lefkada or Nidri and then by using a speedboat or a ferry boat, as mentioned above.
From Kefalonia and Ithaca by ferry boat to Lefkada (Vasiliki port or Nidri port).

With your own boat, using one of the three ports of the island (Spilia, Atherinos, Vathi).
There may not be (at least not yet) a heliport on the island, but in case of emergency there is the possibility of using some of the space.

The island has a good road network for those who want to take their car.
In the Municipality of Meganisi there is regular local transport that makes it possible to travel to all of the three housing estates of the island. During the summer months, there are additional routes for your own convenience. For those interested, there is the possibility of using a taxi.

Since August 2015, two ATMs of Piraeus Bank and Alpha Bank have been in operation in the housing estate of Vathi.