Accommodation rules

Thank you for choosing our home for your summer vacation!

Read the rules below, which we would like you to respect:

  • Check-in 14:00 – 19:00 / Check-out 07:30 – 11:00.
  • Cleaning services are offered every 3rd day (10:00 - 13:00, included in the price) or more often in case you wish to (by appointment, with the corresponding charge). During this time you will have to be away from the villa. If you do not wish to have cleaning services throughout your stay, please inform us accordingly.
  • Baby cribs are available upon request. We have no responsibility if the visitor doesn’t notify when booking.
  • Make sure you haven’t put on any body creams or sunscreen and always take a shower before using the pool. The same goes for the beds and the sofas. You aren’t also allowed to step on the furniture or mattresses, as you may be financially burdened with cleaning or replacing them. We are sure that you wouldn’t want to see dirty surfaces from previous visitors and that you understand and respect the next visitors who will come after you.
  • For your own safety, diving in the pool isn’t allowed (eg jumping, “bombs”, bumps, handstands around the pool limits, etc.), as they can cause permanent injuries.
  • The Management and the Staff aren’t responsible, in any way, for any loss of money or personal belongings.
  • Turn off the lights, the faucets and the air conditioning when leaving the room. When leaving the house, always close the doors and the windows and turn off any electrical or electronic devices (TV, kitchen, toaster, etc.).
  • In case of loss or destruction of our property, visitors are asked to cover the cost of the replacing items or repairing the damage. (dishes and glasses are excluded). So we ask you to be very careful when using furniture, appliances, balcony doors, etc.
  • Caution: In case you lose the keys, you are required to cover the cost of changing the lock and of at least 5 keys.

Thank you!

Booking conditions

  • To confirm the reservation, a deposit equal to 30% of the total rental amount is required. Please note that the booking is not confirmed until this deposit has been received and you have received the booking confirmation from us.
  • The remaining 70% of the total rental amount will be paid upon your arrival. Our only payment method is via e-banking (which means depositing the amount from your bank to our bank account directly, we don't have a POS).

Cancellation policy

  • Any cancellation by you (for any reason) must be in writing to us via e-mail. The effective date of cancellation is the date on which written notice is received from us.
  • If you cancel up to 30 days before arrival, you will lose your deposit.
  • If you cancel 31 days or more before arrival, your deposit is refunded.